03 December 2015

By doing a simple search online for LED lights, you will more than likely find multiple articles conveying the benefits you could gain through purchasing them – but what if you’re looking for something fun? With this in mind, we thought it would be a cool idea to compile a list of ten fun uses of LEDs that you may enjoy!

1. Party Balloons

Got a party coming up? We’ve found a fantastic, cost effective way you can decorate and brighten the mood within minutes. All you need is a pack of balloons, LEDs, helium, batteries and tape. See the results here.

2. Bouquet of flowers

Not sure what to get your Mum for her birthday? Want to surprise your other half? Flowers may seem a bit of a predictable option but we promise these will light up their lives!

3. Easter eggs

Easter is fast approaching, and one of our fondest childhood memories is decorating eggs. We’ve found a simple twist on this tradition that requires much less mess and could be a fun DIY project to do with your kids over the holidays.

4. Chess set

Chess can be a great way to fix your boredom, but the novelty of the game can soon wear off. Fancy a revamp? Pick up a cheap glass chess set and fit it with LEDs for a quick and easy way to brighten up the game.

5. Dog collar

Letting your dog off the lead on an evening walk can be a bit of a worry, especially in those winter months if they run out of sight. This LED dog collar is fit with a motion sensor which detects when your dog is moving and triggers the LEDs to make it easily visible, making your evening walks stress free.

6. Daft Punk costume

Fancy dress is all well and good until you’re stressing about who to go as… Like Daft Punk? We’ve found step by step instructions, written by the creator of the suits himself, telling you how you can get the look. Not only that, the process can be used for giving a glow to any clothing you wish!

7. Light box

Are you an artist? Photographer? Designer? We know finding the right light box can be a menial task, with some being too bulky or generally inefficient. LED panel lights are fantastic for use as a light box and can save you money along the way!

8. Iron Man gadget

Fancy yourself as a bit of a superhero? Your dreams could come true with this DIY tutorial which tells you how to make Iron Man’s repulser device.

9. Plant pots

Are you looking for a way to bring life to your garden or make your front door look more welcoming? We’ve found a plant pot that could be the answer! Doubling as a lamp it can still be used to grow whatever you wish whist shedding some light, making it perfect for doorways or a sheltered area of your garden.

10. Hand lights

Finally, one that could be of use to any sparky’s out there! We know working with your hands can be hard work in a low-lit environments. Torches could work but are impractical, and so we’ve found an even better solution – LED lights that can be worn on your arms, allowing you to do your job much more efficiently and with a lot less hassle!

Who knew LEDs could be so exciting? If you’d like us to test any of these ideas be sure to let us know!

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