03 December 2015

Power Trip is the 2014 theme for the Big Brother house. Offering housemates the premium prize of power over events within the house. The set is a futuristic building which gives us a sneak peak into what the future has in store for us if we all switch to LED lighting.

Not only did the producers and designers strive to develop the most cutting edge house yet they also factored in its effects on Mother Nature (And let’s face it, she holds the ultimate power!)

Luckily for the environment the BB house holds over 1.5 kilometers of LED lighting. Sleek and modern with ‘Prometheus’ inspired décor the house is a wonder, but without LED lighting the overall effect would be lost.

Dimmable mood lighting, colourful LED strips, indoor and outdoor spotlights, LED screens, lamps, the diary room and not forgetting the iconic Big Brother all-seeing eye. The house is packed with luminosity. Even the stairs light up!

The good news is you can create your own Big Brother style at home using a collection of our top of the range LED bulbs. With glossy GU10’s to brighten those funky light shades and panel lights to help recreate the mood in your indoor space age pad. Floodlights for the exterior and strip lights to create a party atmosphere inside you will be designing a fantastic look whilst saving money on your energy bills!

Going green means setting your home free from the dull, energy eating halogens. Switch to LED lighting and do you bit for the environment in one easy step, just like Big Brother. After all, he is watching you!

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