LED Light Types

At LED Switchover we understand you may need assistance when shopping around for LED Lighting. There are hundreds of lighting options out there from LED Strip lights to LED floodlights and finding the correct one can be stressful. We have broken the variations down into sections which will hopefully make the process more straightforward. Each section will provide you with an explanation and the benefits of using that specific LED hopefully allowing you to identify what solution will work best for you.

LED Down Lights LED Flood Lights LED Panel Lights LED Strip Lights LED Tube Lights LED 2D Lights

When selecting your LEDs there are a few factors we would advise you think about. We hope these will allow you to get the perfect product:

  • Wattage is not brightness! The higher the wattage the more energy the bulb draws, not the brighter the light. This is specific to LED lighting and allows you to save energy.
  • Check the fitting – make sure you check what size the fitting is on your light if you are buying bulbs. We wouldn’t want you to purchase a bulb that doesn’t fit!
  • Think about the placement – when buying an LED light or bulb, think about where you are putting it. This will allow you to pick a light that will emit light the way you want it. The same goes for the bulbs. Although the shape of the bulb may look cool, it is like that for a purpose. Each bulb shape will release light in a specific direction. 
  • Warm or Cold light? Ask yourself what kind of setting do you want in your room. If you want to create a warm homely atmosphere then a glowing yellow is perfect. However for a bathroom or kitchen where you want to create a clinical or clean environment a white natural light will be an option.
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