03 December 2015

At LED Switchover we like to cater to eco warriors by providing lighting that wastes up to 90% less energy than non-LED lights do. However, if buying our lighting motivates you to try doing even more for the planet, here are some fun, simple ideas we like:

Decide what you want to eat before opening the fridge. This means you will waste less energy because your fridge won’t have to work as hard to keep your food cool.

Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. Which means less water is wasted.

Make homemade cleaning products. Most household areas don’t actually need cleaning products as strong and chemical-ridden as the ones you buy in supermarkets, and a lot of the time using a simple homemade cleaning product, such as using water, vinegar and lemon juice as a multi-purpose cleaner (recipe below), will work just as well. Not only does making cleaning products at home mean less packaging and toxic chemicals, they are also much cheaper and so will benefit your wallet too.

Make homemade bug sprays. Making a spray with chilli powder in it can be used to kill spiders (recipe below for you spider-phobes), and there are many other recipes online available according to the insect you’re trying to get rid of. Like with homemade cleaning products, homemade insect repellents are better for the environment due to reduced chemical content amongst other things. The good thing about homemade sprays is you don’t necessarily need to use them directly on an insect, you could use the spray on areas the insects tend to be in, or around windows to help keep them out (mint tea bags and cucumber peels are meant to work for deterring ants), which is the method we at LED switchover prefer as we support any insect pest resolutions that do not involve causing them any harm.

Get a chalkboard. If you live in a house or office with a lot of people coming and going, you might sometimes need to leave each other notes. However, leaving notes leads to paper wastage and can also lead to confusion if a note goes missing or isn’t seen. It might be an idea therefore to invest in a chalk notice board, which is a very stylish and easy on the eye way of keeping all of your notes together and making sure they get seen (one of our favourites after a quick web search is listed below).

Use a glass as a phone speaker. If you have no speakers available then putting your phone in a glass can act as a great last resort option as the sound bounces off the inside of the glass so it is amplified. We are classing this as a hack for eco-warriors too due to the fact that real speakers rely on energy, whereas a glass doesn’t.

Put a brick in the toilet tank. This means less water wasted when you flush the chain, great news when the utility bills are due!

Hang wet clothes out to dry. Dryers are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to using up energy, so if you can hang your clothes out to dry that can help reduce the amount of energy you use in your home quite significantly. If you can’t bring yourself to wait for clothes to dry naturally though, try sticking a dry towel in with every load of laundry to reduce energy consumption, as the towel will help absorb some of the excess moisture in your clothes. Likewise drying your hair naturally is also much better for the environment than using a hairdryer.

Keep your laptop on an upside down egg carton. This will allow your laptop to keep cool easier as it will have more airflow underneath it, which will in turn prevent your laptop from overheating and save some energy.

Build a solar powered heater with recycled cans. The link providing the instructions is listed below. This one is very smart but maybe save it for when summer is over. Also don’t forget to rinse your cans out thoroughly before using them so your house doesn’t end up reeking of Carlsberg.

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