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Wall Lights

If you are looking for an excellent reading lights or nightlights with a low level of brightness, for a cosy corner of the living room or your bedroom, then LED Switchover is the best place to come.

The stunning wall lights with an elegant shade can be positioned wherever you need lighting without occupying the valuable tables or floor spaces.

Wall lights are certainly one of our most popular products as we offer a large range of modern commercial lights to vintage domestic lights in different wattages and colours.

Whether you are looking for a warm light designer light to create a homely environment in your garden, or perhaps you want an ultra-sleek, modern design for your business, LED Wall lights are the best option.

These lights come with warranty & IP protection and can be applied in any rooms, indoors, and outdoors. No matter what you want, we can guarantee that we’ll have something to suit your needs. However, we only have a limited stock, so grab yours before it’s too late.