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19″1U UTP CAT5e 24-port Patch Panel


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A premium grade modular 24-port patch panel is an essential component of a structured cabling system used for connecting various networking devices. This 24-port patch panel is designed to mount on a 19-inch rack, with a height of 1U. It is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability.

The patch panel features UTP CAT5e cables, 110 and Universal IDC connectors, and RJ45 ports with phosphor bronze and 50-micron gold plating to ensure a stable and reliable connection. The panel is compliant with various standards such as ANSI TIA EIA-568-C.2, ISO IEC 11801, ANSI TIA EIA-569-B, ISO IEC 60603-7, ANSI TIA EIA-310-D, and PoE+.

The insulation resistance of this patch panel is greater than 500MΩ, ensuring reliable insulation between the contacts. The dielectric withstand voltage is 1000V DC, ensuring that the patch panel can withstand high voltages without damage. The contact resistance is less than 20 mΩ, which helps to minimize signal loss and noise.

The patch panel has a current rating of 1.5A at 68℉, which is sufficient for most network applications. The plug insertion life is more than 750 times. This means the patch panel can be used for a long time without the need for frequent replacements. The contact force is 99.2g (3.5oz) FCC Plug, which ensures a secure and stable connection. The plug retention force is 30lb (133n, 13.3Kg), which ensures that the plugs are securely locked into place.

The 110/Universal IDC insertion force is 4.5Kg minimum, which means that the cables can be inserted into the panel with ease. The 110/Universal IDC retention force is 0.5Kg minimum, which means that the cables are held securely in place once inserted.


The patch panel has been temperature tested from -40 to 150℉ (-40 to 66℃). Ensuring that it can operate in various environments without any issues. In summary, this premium grade modular 24-port patch panel is a reliable and robust solution for connecting multiple network devices. Ensuring that your network runs smoothly and efficiently.

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