BERLIN –5W Ground Light



Berlin- 5W Ground Light is a main lamp based product and is from a reliable and trustable brand that you can 100% trust.

These ground light can go anywhere in the ground such as gardens , back gardens and many other places.

These stunning product are very east to install here is how to install
• Use a small trowel to dig a narrow trench (up to 3 inches deep) along the cable path
• Add a perpendicular trench where each light is going to be located to accommodate extra cable
• Push the cables down info the trench
• Gently push each light stake partially into the ground
• Connect the cable to the power pack and plug the power pack into the outlet to test the light
• If you would like to you can push the lights into the ground and close up the trenches
• Set a timer to the dust-to-dawn setting so your lights are only on when you need them.


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