Osram LED LR28CA Colourmix Strip Lights


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Osram LED LR28CA Colourmix Strip Light modules are from a realisable and trusted brand that you can also trust. This amazing product has a very flat construction height of a stunning 13mm and a adequate heat removal thanks to its amazing aluminium housing.

Modules like these can be easily joined together to make spectacular seamless strip lighting and the modules are conveniently compatible with each other.

This product has an extremely low maintenance cost thanks to its outstanding lifetime of up to 50,000 hours and features a design-oriented complete module with integrated optics.

This beautiful product is ideal in restraints, architainnent and shops as well S to provide mood and lighting & wallwashing effects and backgrounds.

This amazing colour strip can be used in many places such as stairs, mirrors, furniture, shelving, under cabinets, toe-kicks, drawers and picture frames as well as many other amazing places.

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