03 December 2015

As sellers of eco-friendly products, at LED Switchover we love finding out about new inventions and ideas that could help us conserve the environment. As with any idea though some are better than others, so we have put together a list of good and bad new ideas we have come across on the web:

Bad: Poor Little Fish is a sink basin that is connected to a fish tank (with a live fish inside), and as you use the taps water drains from the fish tank too to make you feel guilty about wasting water. The fish tank never completely drains and refills once the water stops running, but we think this is a bad invention as the power to instantly drain and refill a fish’s tank could be subject to abuse (particularly by young children) which would probably be very stressful for the fish. We aren’t the only ones who feel this way as PETA allegedly wrote designer Yan Lu a letter of complaint.

Good: Le Petit Prince is a robot greenhouse that enables plants to survive in different atmospheres. The product was designed with the colonization of Mars in mind, but no doubt it could also be used on earth should our atmosphere ever become so polluted it becomes toxic to certain plants. The invention would actually move around to search for nutrients to sustain the plant, but we like it mainly because it looks a little like aliens Kang and Kodos from The Simpsons.

Bad: Tweet-a-Watt is a power monitoring system that measures how much energy you use and tweets the results to your Twitter account. While we think it’s very responsible to monitor how much energy you use to encourage you to be less wasteful, we aren’t sure about this idea because we don’t like the thought of spamming our friends with information they probably aren’t at all interested in.

Good: Tio is a light switch with a smiley face on that gradually changes to a frown as the light has been left on (this takes place over 8 hours). The product is aimed at children to make them more aware of energy wastage, and we think it is a great idea because it makes something so simple that bit more fun (for adults as well as children, depending on how easily pleased you are). However, we do worry that it could have the opposite effect on some children who might deliberately leave lights on out of curiosity in order to see the angry face, so we would advise parents to make sure their children have a healthy relationship with their Tio so they will want to keep it happy.

Bad: Eco Brolly is an umbrella skeleton that is designed so that it is easy for you to fit things such as newspapers onto it and so you are encouraged to recycle. We aren’t sure about this product though as we think the most important aspect of an umbrella is that it is made with a waterproof material, which is unlikely to always be readily available, and we think if you are happy using a newspaper as shelter it wouldn’t make much difference if you messed about attaching it to your Eco Brolly or if you just held it over your head.

Good: Moss Carpet is a moss covered bath mat that takes advantage of the humidity in your bathroom as it is the perfect place for moss to thrive. This is good for you as walking on fresh grass (allegedly) helps with blood circulation, and good for the environment too as plants expel oxygen. We also like this bath mat simply because it is a bit more stylish and unusual than any other bath mats we have come across.

Bad: Blood Lamp is a light that runs off of human blood that was invented to show users how precious energy really is. We do not like this one because for it to work it involves either mild self-harm or assault on another person, and as important as we think energy conservation is, we don’t think resorting to human sacrifices is the answer.

Good: LED Lighting. Okay, so this is a lot less exciting than everything else we’ve mentioned on the list, and as it exists already it isn’t really an ‘invention of the future’. However, since our lighting lasts for around 30 000 hours and uses up to 90% less energy than none-LED bulbs, we still think it’s interesting enough to be worth a mention. LED lighting still kind of counts as an invention of the future as it is constantly evolving and being re-designed to ensure maximum efficiency, so be sure to regularly check our site or that of your chosen LED provider to find out what new LED products have been developed.

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