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What is ‘Hygge’ and how does it encapsulate our wish to brighten up your lives this Christmas?

Every family, couple and festive lover dreams of their ideal Christmas. You plan for weeks on end about how you’re going to cook the Christmas dinner to perfection, stressing about whether you’ve bought gifts for everyone in the family (and not forgotten about that cousin again you did that one time!), whilst worrying if the kids are going to get along with minimal squabbles. In this day and age, Christmas has become a time of stress and commercialisation, setting our expectations high in a digital world which is becoming increasingly more obsessed with social media.

So how do we return to a time when Christmas was about joy and giving, friends and loved ones, hot chocolate and tangerines? Here at LEDswitchover, we take the simple yet meaningful approach to life. We know that the most cherished times in life are when we live in the moment and appreciate our loved ones’ company. That’s why we love the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’. This exotic and mysterious word encapsulates a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. That is exactly what we believe Christmas is about. It’s the feeling of excitement for kids decorating the Christmas tree; it’s the love you feel as you snuggle around the fire with a mug of hot cocoa in hand; it’s the merry sounds of jolly folk singing hymns in the streets; it’s putting down your phone to engage in real-life wholesome conversations.

Our vintage light collection will help you capture that feel-good mood this Christmas. We want to transport you back to a time of living in the moment and enjoying the company of your loved ones. Everyone deserves to get back that old-school feeling at Christmas time. With our range of vintage bulbs, we hope to brighten up your lives by making this Christmas one to remember.

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