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An Eco-Friendly way to light up your campsite

night sky with lit tents

With so many options for camping lighting, it can be difficult to narrow down the endless list of options, to find the perfect one for you. Whether you are in search of lanterns, lamps, hanging lights, battery operated luminaries, string lights or any other for your tent; LED lights are undeniably the most reliable and long-lasting type […]

What is led switchover?

Indoor Lighting Bulb

Led switchover is a company that sell lights and many other things at low prices and are reliable. Led switchover have been running for over 11 years and have sold many items to people/companies. Led switchover is a lighting provider in Bolton and covers the whole north west. We also aim to reliever high quality […]

How Can Designer Lighting Make a Statement?

Kitchen with led lights and indoor bulbs

Every interior designer who lives and breathes aesthetics knows the deepest and most well-kept secrets of the trade. Today I’m going to expose the truth which interior designers have held close to their heart for centuries. Contrary to popular belief, the stand-out feature in every design plan isn’t actually vintage upholstery, textured wallpaper or even […]

Security Lights Paving the Way to Safety

glowing black lamp with yellow lights

At LEDSwitchover, our customers’ safety, satisfaction and savings are always a top priority. During these times of uncertainty, we want to do all we can to enhance your feelings of security. Whilst you’re at home- either solo or with family and loved ones- you should be able to lay back and relax without any worries […]