Here at LEDswitchover we supply a range of LED pins from a brand you can trust: Ledvance. This tried and tested brand has been loved throughout the years by our customers, so you can rest assured that we are supplying you with the highest quality possible. The LED pins have a range of designs, wattages and light warmth to satisfy every customer’s different taste. Their clever and multifunctional design means that they can be easily incorporated into a variety of settings to create the ambience that you desire. If you’re looking for a pin with a long lifetime and guaranteed warranty that has been CE certified, then look no further; LED pins are extremely sustainable as they last for a very long time thanks to their innovative technology! Our LED pins are ideal for atmospheric accent lighting in a range of settings, including your home, hotel/restaurant or in a shop. Buy your LED pin online today because remember when it’s gone, it’s gone!

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