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UV Lamps

Our wide range of UV Lamps provides a smooth and comfort light in an impactful way, which help you to illuminate the moments that matter. UV Lamps are energy-efficient and cost-effective with self-operating PIR lanterns and can be hang on the wall for your convenience in the darkness.

The UV lamps are created for air & water purification, and sterilisation. We supply OSRAM products, which is a tried and tested brand that has proven to be loved by customers in the past. The UV lamps are designed with environmentally friendly disinfection feature. They are safe due to the low mercury content and are ozone free, to reduce harmful effects on global warming. UV Lamps come with longer lifespan to ensure that you get your money’s worth. We supply a variety of wattages and light colours to satisfy every customer’s needs.

Don’t hesitate to buy this product which is a perfect combination of high quality & modern design. We only have a limited stock, so view our range of timeless pieces from well-known brands such as Osram & LEDvance.