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Portable Site Lights

Ensure your workplace safety with our robust, water-proof, and low-heat consumption work lights. Our products from well-known brands are ultra-bright LED, rechargeable work lights, and hooked portable site lights for easy positioning and convenience. Portable site lights are designed for ease of transport by the customer and are perfect for building sites, interior decorating sites, and maintenance related tasks. Lights are available in a cool white colour (5000k) and all lights have a warranty guarantee, as well as IP protection.

Powerful, reliable, damage-proof equipment will aid you in working quickly, safely, and accurately.

Not only for technicians but our work lights are also used for trucks, tractors, and other vehicles to provide additional illumination to the vehicles standard fitting lights. We have vast variety of lights available in several types and styles to provide you with optimum lighting solutions.

We only have a limited stock though, so grab yours whilst you still can.