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230V 10A Single Circuit Track Black 2 mtr


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Looking for a practical and versatile track system to light up your indoor space? Our 230V 10A Single Track Black 2 mtr is the perfect solution, available in a 2 metre length. Here are some reasons why this track system should be your go-to lighting solution;

Reasons why its a go to lighting system.
  • Reliable and efficient lighting source. This track system provides a powerful and efficient lighting source with a 230V 10A power supply.
  • Clean and minimalist design. The white finish adds a clean and minimalist touch to your space, making it suitable for a range of interior styles.
  • Easy installation. The track system is easy to install and comes supplied with live and dead end accessories for a complete installation.
  • Single circuit design. The single circuit design allows for a range of lighting configurations, making it versatile for a range of lighting setups.
  • High-quality construction. The track system is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Flexible length. The 2 metre length provides ample flexibility for a range of lighting setups, making it ideal for small rooms or residential spaces.
  • Dramatic lighting display. This track system is perfect for those looking to create a dramatic lighting display or simply add a touch of brightness to their space.

By upgrading your lighting system with our 230V 10A Single Circuit Track in White, you can enjoy the benefits of a practical and versatile track system for your indoor space. With easy installation and reliable performance, this track system is the perfect choice for any lighting project.

In summary, the key features of our 230V 10A Track Black 2 mtr include reliable and efficient lighting, easy installation, a single circuit design, high-quality construction, flexibility in length, and the ability to create a dramatic lighting display. Upgrade your lighting system today and enjoy a practical and versatile track system that will enhance your indoor space.

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230V 50Hz