High Quality 120W LED Flood Light Hylite


  • 120W LED
  • Day light – 5700K
  • 14000 Lumens
  • 116.67 Lm/W
  • Non-Dimmable
  • Lifetime of up to 50000h
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • CE Certified

Can be mounted on car park poles

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The Hylite 120W LED Flood Light is a powerful and reliable outdoor lighting solution from a trusted brand. Its stunning daylight colour and upgraded design deliver over 14,000 Lumens of light. The floodlight incorporates the latest GT Quad Driver, enabling it to operate at either 100% or 50% light levels.

The floodlight is supplied with multi-angle mounting brackets and an optional pipe bracket, making installation easy. The black aluminum body has a gloss finish and is designed to be vandal-proof, while the new frosted lens allows for better light dispersion.

While the Hylite 120W LED Flood Light is unfortunately non-dimmable, it is perfect for illuminating outdoor spaces such as pools, gardens, and other areas of the front and backyard. Its powerful light can chase away any shadowy areas and provide full coverage of your yard when equipped with motion sensors.

The Hylite 120W LED Flood Light is an ideal lighting solution for commercial and residential settings alike. It is perfect for lighting up parking lots, playgrounds, sports fields, and other outdoor areas that require high-intensity lighting. Its powerful light output and sturdy design make it a reliable and long-lasting option for any outdoor space.

One of the standout features of the Hylite 120W LED Flood Light is its incredible energy efficiency. The floodlight boasts an impressive Lumens per Watt (Lm/W) ratio, making it an environmentally friendly option. Its long average lifetime of 30,000 hours ensures that it will last for years to come.

The Hylite 120W LED Flood Light is also designed with safety in mind. Its aluminum body is corrosion-resistant and has a high IP rating, ensuring that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The floodlight is also equipped with a PIR sensor, making it easy to detect motion and turn on automatically when needed.

Overall, the Hylite 120W LED Flood Light is a top-of-the-line product that offers exceptional performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. Its impressive features, such as its high Lumens output, energy efficiency, and sturdy design, make it a popular choice for those seeking high-quality and long-lasting lighting solutions for their outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a contractor, the Hylite 120W LED Flood Light is an excellent choice for all your outdoor lighting needs. With its powerful light output, easy installation, and energy-efficient design, it is the perfect lighting solution for illuminating outdoor spaces such as parking lots, sports fields, and playgrounds. To learn more about this incredible floodlight and other energy-efficient lighting solutions, visit https://ledswitchover.com/.

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