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Lutec Die Cast Aluminium Wall Luminaire 4W



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The Lutec Die Cast Aluminium Wall Luminaire 4W is an exceptional wall-mounted light fixture that offers a perfect combination of style and functionality. It is crafted from high-quality materials and comes in a graphite finish with an opal polycarbonate diffuser that provides a warm white light, making it ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications.

This product is a main lamp-based product from a trusted and reliable brand that you can 100% trust. It is designed to deliver long-lasting and energy-efficient performance, making it a cost-effective lighting solution for your home or business. The product has an average life expectancy of 30,000 hours, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

The Lutec Die Cast Aluminium Wall Luminaire 4W is easy to install and comes with a mounting bracket that makes it easy to attach to any wall. It has a compact size of H 140×W 140×D 54mm, making it ideal for use in areas with limited space. The product has an IP54 rating, which means that it is resistant to dust and water, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This wall luminaire is ideal for use in a variety of settings, including homes, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. It provides ample illumination that can be used to highlight specific areas or create a warm and inviting ambiance in any room. The product is versatile and can be used as a primary light source or as a supplement to other lighting fixtures in a room.

The Lutec Die Cast Aluminium Wall Luminaire 4W is not only functional but also stylish. Its modern design and graphite finish make it an attractive addition to any space. The opal polycarbonate diffuser provides a warm and comfortable glow that adds to the ambiance of the room. Its sleek and simple design makes it easy to integrate into any decor style.

In addition to its functionality and style, this product also comes with a 5-year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a high-quality and durable lighting solution. The Lutec brand is committed to providing its customers with top-quality products that are designed to last.

In conclusion, the Lutec Die Cast Aluminium Wall Luminaire 4W is an excellent lighting solution that offers both style and functionality. Its durable construction, long life expectancy, and energy-efficient performance make it a cost-effective choice for any home or business. Whether you’re looking to highlight specific areas or create an inviting ambiance, this product is an excellent choice that you can trust to deliver outstanding results.

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