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Smart Contact Sensor


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Introducing the perfect solution for keeping your home secure and protected at all times, the Smart Contact Sensor. Whether you are at home or away.  Here are some key features and benefits of this amazing device:

24/7 Monitoring:
  • The sensor offers real-time detection of door/window opening and closing, allowing you to receive instant alerts when a door/window is opened or closed.
  • This 24/7 monitoring ensures that you are always aware of what is happening in your home, even when you are away.
Easy Installation:
  • The installation process is simple and easy, with no gateway product required.
  • This ease of installation ensures that you can get your home security system up and running quickly and easily.
Low Power Consumption:
  • The sensor uses an ultra-low power MCU and Wi-Fi module, with a range of up to 40m, depending on the environment.
  • This low power consumption helps to extend the battery life of the device, ensuring that it can operate for an extended period without requiring frequent battery replacements.
  • The device can be set to automatically turn on or off as a door/window is opened or closed, allowing you to automate your home security system.
Wi-Fi Connectivity:
  • The sensor is equipped with IEEE 802 11 b/g/n (2.4Ghz only) Wi-Fi connectivity. If you have a dual-band system, you can disable the 5Ghz frequency in your Wi-Fi router during setup. After enable it again once setup is complete.
Low Battery Alert:
  • The device is designed to send a low battery alert when the battery is running low. This ensures that you never forget to change the battery.
Battery Life:
  • The sensor uses 1 x DC 3V CR2 battery (included). This has a battery life of approximately 1 year if activated 20 times a day.

In conclusion. Our Smart Contact Sensor is a must-have for anyone who values home security and wants to keep their home protected at all times. With its easy installation, low power consumption, and advanced features. This device offers exceptional value for money and peace of mind. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of a secure and safe home.

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